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T and C’s for the workshop

Our shoots are packed with details and real couples but we challenge you to time constraints. On a real wedding day, you may be lucky to have 20 minutes of portrait time with the couple. We want you to leave our workshop feeling like you have achieved images that you know have been captured under pressure, and that will closely represent a real wedding scenario. Hopefully you will go away with a set of images that you are happy with. We hope you will have had a chance to try new things. You can do the shots you want during the open time but please be mindful that you will need to work with others to successfully get those images. 


Nik, Kieran, Luke and Suzanne, will be arriving on Friday to set up. Please do not arrive on this day unless you have booked the Friday night accommodation. You will be able to check in from 4pm. On Saturday we will be ready from 8:45am to welcome you, please do not arrive before this time as we won’t be ready for you. 

If you’re traveling far don’t worry about lunch and dinner as we have those provided for you on the Saturday and Lunch on the Sunday. If you are staying with us then breakfast will be provided on the morning after each night of your stay.

If you have any dietary requirements please do inform us.


There are two REAL couples to photograph, they are not models, they may be shy. We will have some set creative portraits planned to help direct them for you. Please be kind and friendly to them, not bossy, treat them as clients, as they do feedback to us at the end on how they found the photographers. We aim to help you understand how you come across to clients.


Groups will be split into two sets of 7. We will split the day up as per agenda to make sure you can capture all parts of what a typical wedding will look like. 

There will be a 1 hour slot to work with the couples on your own. During this time it is important that other togs do not jump in and steal other creative ideas unless you have spoken with them to help set up a creative idea. It’s not fair, and if you wouldn’t be able to set it up on your own for a real wedding, do not pretend that you can set it up on styled shoot. We are strict with this. Try new ideas, communicate and collaborate with each other but please don’t steal each others ideas.

There will be a couple of key group shooting opportunities where by a line up will be formed to ensure everybody gets the centre shot if needed.

These will be:

  • Smoke Bombs
  • Environmental Portraits
  • OCF Champagne Spray
  • Bride and Groom Details
  • Bride Prep
  • Groom Prep


When sharing images online please always tag the suppliers, it will help with your business reach too. Our idea behind Shutter Circle is for wedding suppliers to work together and help one another out. The more contacts you make in the industry, the more you are likely to get referrals and a network. Feel free to post in the UK Wedding Photographers for Beginners Group, and the closed private Shutter Circle group too. It is also nice to post for creative feedback. We’d like to think we have a growing community of supportive photographers and videographers. 

Please do use instagram stories! They are a great way to socialise and show clients behind the scenes footage. You are encouraged to submit work to blogs….. Go for it and good luck!

We would appreciate a tag on instagram for shuttercircleuk alongside the other suppliers under the supplier heading – Creative Direction or Direction. 

Please do not pass this off as a real wedding as it is misleading to clients.


Please come dressed in comfortable attire, we have no idea what the weather will be doing but you will mainly be outside for portraits during the afternoon and evening. Please be respectful of Falcon Manor. If treading to and from any grassy areas be mindful to wipe your feet upon entering the building. 


Minimum requirements

  1. DSLR or Mirrorless camera
  2. Charged Batteries (enough for a full day)
  3. Lenses we suggest either a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm Prime or 24-70mm variable other lenses are fine to but these are a suggestion.
  4. Suitable fast SD cards or CF cards
  5. Speedlights or Off Camera Flash Strobes

You may want to bring a laptop to view and edit your images in the downtime.


If you have booked accommodation for a 1 or 2 nights stay please adhere to the venues room rules.

You will receive an email prior to the workshop confirming check-in timing and venue rules.


This is a non refundable £200 booking fee to secure your slot on the workshop along with full acceptance of the terms and conditions. This is to pay for fees from the venue, couples, Hair and Make up artists.


100% of the remaining balance will be due no later than the 12th of January. You will receive an automated invoice minus your booking fee. Any payment queries please contact hello@shuttercircle.co.uk 


You may cancel this workshop at at any time by giving written notice to the hello@shuttercircle.co.uk  but in doing so shall forfeit any monies paid as stated in the booking fee Terms. If you cannot attend the workshop before canceling you may sell your space or request that we contact waiting attendees to ask if they would like to purchase your space. You will need to notify us upon reselling your space.


Any assets or freebies are for you and you only. Please do not copy and distribute to any others not on the workshop. In any instance where you have lost anything please email hello@shuttercircle.co.uk for these.


We will be doing behind the scenes photos and videos to help promote our workshops for the future.These will be used across our social media platforms and website. Please be aware that this will take place over the course of the weekend. Should you not wish to be featured please let us know by emailing hello@shuttercircle.co.uk 

By not emailing us and booking on the workshop we automatically assume consent for your image to be used.