How to break into the wedding world

Breaking into the wedding world can be quite tricky and have a lot of set backs but we wanted to put this blog together to try and help you overcome those and offer loads of different options to help you get started.

It can be a long and slow process sometimes trying to make a break into a new industry but thats where we want to try and help. There will be setbacks and rejections along the way but just keep plodding on and don’t let this get you down! It will be hard work but if you want it enough you can make it happen. 

Build a Portfolio

This is kind of easier said than done but building and having a good portfolio will stand you in good stead to show you can do what your clients are looking for. So how do you build that portfolio with limited resources or no access to weddings.

Get friends to model, even if its just for a couples shoot it will give you time to work on your couples posing and show you are comfortable with couples in front of your camera and its great content. Even better if you have friends who still have their wedding gear and are happy to throw it back on for you!

Portfolio days and workshops are another great way to get your portfolio built. Make sure you do your research and that they fit with your ideas of styles and will suit your branding. With these there is often an opportunity to learn and network with other photographers too which could lead into more work or opportunities into the industry.

Marketing and getting yourself out there

So once you have a bit of a portfolio behind you there are plenty of ways to find that all important first wedding.

Got any friends getting married? This could be the best foot in the door if you have some friends getting married you could offer to be their photographer,

Social Media – This is a huge one and has loads of scope to put you in front of venues and potential clients. Use your portfolio to build a presence on instagram, facebook, tiktok and any other platform that you might think would be useful.

Facebook groups are particularly good for photographers starting out as there are lots of couples with a slightly lower budget looking for photographers new to the industry.

When starting out make sure your potential clients are aware of your experience and we recommend pricing yourself to match this. Don’t ever sell yourself short but to bag your first couple of real weddings and to get real world experience it is worth starting out on lower budgets to build up to where you want to be.

Mentoring and Shadowing

Mentoring and Shadowing is a great way to gain more experience and learn from photographers who have been in the industry and are at the top of their game! Even with all of us here at shutter circle offering mentoring and shadowing dates in one way shape or form we often still take our own advice and invest in this ourselves as learning from those whose work you admire is never a bad thing!

Have a look for photographers who you admire and like the work of and see if they have anything mentioned on their website about mentoring and see what they offer. If you can’t find anything don’t be put off but reach out to them and ask if it is something they can offer or would be willing to do. Make your email personal, not just a copy and paste. Tell them what you love about their work and what you are looking to improve on or what you are wanting to learn. 

Shadowing days are really great as you can see how a photographer works in a real world uncontrolled environment of a live wedding. We have a lot of shadowing opportunities pop up in out Facebook group too, so if you haven’t joined yet come join in…

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