About Shutter Circle

We created Shutter Circle to build a culture of growth and connection for camera creatives, where mutual respect and trust help all levels of talent to crush it!

We want today’s photographers, videographers, second shooters and assistants to have opportunities that we didn’t have when starting out. We want to provide confidence in collaboration, where finding work or help with creative projects is easy and streamlined.

Collage of three images with a color overlay, showing three men who appear cheerful, with one on the left looking down and smiling while holding a camera, a central figure wearing sunglasses and facing forward, and one on the right side glancing to the side with a slight smile. The image has a logo in the center.

Our Mission

Enabling UK camera-creatives to work together, level-up their skills and prosper in a supportive eco-system, centred on trust and actionable industry knowledge.

A Community for Connection

We’re here to help lead photographers, second shooters and creative assistants. Through our website, events and facebook groups we’ll make the process of hiring and gig-hunting easy, enjoyable and streamlined.

A Learning Landscape

We’ll serve as a hub for learning, both online and offline, delivering expert industry knowledge through articles, workshops, 1-2-1’s and web events so camera creatives can grow in confidence and add to their skill-sets.